Stock ticker for your favorite cryptocurrencies

Introducing CRYPTICK

A physical NFT to track your crypto asset market prices

Physical NFT

Your CRYPTICK is a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain

Crypto wallet compatible

Securely store your CRYPTICK NFT in your crypto wallet

Show authenticity

Internal crypto chip with digital signature authentication (DSA)

USB authentication

Run open source python code from our github repo to authenticate your CRYPTICK

IoT Connected

Connects by WiFi and tracks the top 200 cryptocurrencies

Track your coins

Choose up to 10 cryptocurrencies for ticker display

Beautiful hardwood material

CRYPTICK is machined from a single piece of walnut stock

Rare collectible

Only 50 CRYPTICK founders edition will ever be made

CRYPTICK Art Collections

CRYPTICK has collaborated with two artists to enable physical NFT art collections. Each art piece contains an embedded CRYPTICK device for digital signature authentication (DSA) protection, and is linked to a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

The owner of the piece also owns the associated NFT, which is transferred to the owner's crypto wallet (ie Metamask). The owner can authenticate the art piece by connecting the embedded CRYPTICK to their PC or Mac by USB-C cable, and running the CRYPTICK authenticator app.

By authenticating, the owner can show that the physical art piece matches the NFT, and show ownership and authenticity of the piece as an added layer of physical security.


I'd like to purchase a CRYPTICK - are they available for sale?

CRYPTICK founders edition are available for private sale, and will be part of a future NFT auction.

For more information, please contact Luminous Rex

How many CRYPTICK founders edition will be made?

Fifty (50) CRYPTICK founders edition devices are available. No more of this edition will ever be fabricated.

How does the physical NFT authentication process work?

Each CRYPTICK device has a secure crypto chip embedded inside, containing the device's private key. The matching public key is stored in the associated NFT's metadata on the Ethereum blockchain.

Using the CRYPTICK authentication app, the owner enters the public key from the NFT metada, and the app performs the digital signature authentication (DSA) process.

The app sends the CRYPTICK device a message to be signed over USB-C connection. The CRYPTICK device signs the message digest with its private key.

Then, using the public key, the app can verify that the signature is authentic using the standard public key cryptographic method of digital signature verifcation.

How secure is the authentication process?

Very secure - the private key is stored on an internal crypto chip within CRYPTICK, and cannot be read from the device. The crypto chip enables CRYPTICK to perform digital signature authentication.

How can I select coins to display?

When you first plug in CRYPTICK, it will create a Cryptick WiFi network. You can connect to it from your WiFi enabled device. A web portal opens, and you select your WiFi access point and password.

CRYPTICK connects to your WiFi access point, and then you are able to access the CRYPTICK config page at http://cryptick.local

You can change many settings on the config page, including:

coins to display, vs currency, ticker frequency, and clock mode.

How many coins can I choose from?

CRYPTICK supports the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

How many coins can I track?

You can select up to 10 coins for display. They will cycle at your chosen frequency on the ticker display.

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