Pixidermy Physical NFT Collection


About the Artist and Pixidermy

A Japanese native, Yamada, is always in search of making things with hands. In this often esoteric and frantic digital era, he finds livelihood and peace in using raw material like wood, e.g. to manifest arts, staying in touch with mother nature. It is his strong desire to always remember to stay kind and playful.

Pixidermy, the marriage between “pixelation” and “taxidermy”, is equipped with a crypto chip which enables CRYPTICK to perform DSA (digital signature authentication), separating it from other potential knockoffs. Beauty of taxidermy replicated in this digital-like yet organic form is truly refreshing. You don’t have to harm our four-legged friends in the wild for majestic display. The advent of the next-level sculpture is finally here.

Visit the Pixidermy Physical NFT Collection on OpenSea.

The artist, Kentaro Yamada

The Pixidermy Collection


I'd like to buy a piece. Is it available for sale?

The Pixidermy collection pieces are available for private sale, and will be part of a future fine art NFT auction.

All NFTs are also on OpenSea

For more information, please contact Luminous Rex