Luminous Rex Physical NFT Collection


Luminous Rex Physical NFT Collection

Luminous Rex presents a collection of crypto shard art objects. Each piece contains an embedded CRYPTICK device for digital signature authentication (DSA) protection, and is linked to a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

The owner of the piece also owns the associated NFT, which is transferred to the owner's crypto wallet (ie Metamask). The owner can authenticate the art piece by connecting the embedded CRYPTICK to their PC or Mac by USB-C cable, and running the CRYPTICK authenticator app.

By authenticating, the owner can show that the physical art piece matches the NFT, and show ownership and authenticity of the piece as an added layer of physical security.

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The crypto shard collection

Artist Statement

Luminous Rex is a project by artist/engineer Erik Bakke. Beauty is found in natural materials and the entropic physical forces of nature: oxidation, erosion, decomposition, the passage of time. Steel, wood, and concrete help to tell this story. The juxtaposition of these physical materials and digital technology provide a bridge linking these two worlds.

The crypto shards collection represents a body of work created between 2005-2021.


I'd like to buy a piece. Is it available for sale?

The Luminous Rex crypto shard collection pieces are available for private sale, and will be part of a future fine art NFT auction.

All NFTs are also on OpenSea

For more information, please contact Luminous Rex